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Distributors wanted for ChequeSOS

CutchSoft specializes in filling the software requirements of businesses of ALL sizes. CuthSoft  products, however, have a special appeal to the small and medium enterprises. We believe that through competitive pricing and extensive awareness campaigning we can empower SMEs with the tools that help provide a distinct professional edge to any venture.

CutchSoft was started during August 2009 by three enterpreuners.  With experience in fields as diverse as telecom to hotels, they came to realize the huge need (and gap in supply) for specialized technologies to simplify the business processes faced by most medium and small businesses. This understanding provided CutchSoft's raison d'être.

 With the backing of the Cutch group of companies and technical support from some of the best software programmers in the country, CutchSoft completed the R&D on its software packages and went into closed beta towards the year end of 2009.

 On June 7th 2010, CutchSoft officially launched its Strategic Office Software (SOS) suite with the introduction of the much awaited Cheque SOS program, providing a strategic solution to every business' most fundamental process – the printing and management of cheque payments.